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Adelaide Hammers
Contact: Paul & Kaye Southerton

Brisbane Hammes
Contact: Dave Rhodes

Canberra Hammers
Contact: Danny Brosnan

Melbourne Hammers
Contact: Glenn Barrett
Newcastle Hammers
Contact: Vacant - please contact David if you wish to co-ordinate Newcastle

Perth Hammers
Contact: Nick Ellis, Peter Hamersley

Sydney Hammers
Contact: David Lewis
David is a life-long Hammers fan who lives in Sydney Australia. David was infected by the Hammers around 1972 when he discovered real football and this East London team who won big or lost big!

David attended Sydney Grammar School and is credited with being one of the founders of Football at that 'rugby' school. In 1974, then in Year 11 at school, David contacted the managers of the CHS competition and asked if SGS could enter a team. He was told to write to the CHS to apply. David then told Grammar that they had been 'invited' to enter the CHS competition and convinced the school to 'accept' in writing in a classic double play!

Grammar won the CHS competition in 1975. For a History of football at SGS, click here.

Years of football with UNSW, career and family followed with semi-regular visits to East London. In May 2004, when the Hammers made the Play-Off Final in the Championship, David found that he could not watch the match as no broadcaster thought it worthy of a live show - so David bought the rights and broadcast the match live around Australia! Right click and save the video here or click here for more information.

OzHammers was born from this outrageous endeavour.

After years of pilgrimages to Upton Park to watch the Hammers, David has even found that his UK ancestors hailed from Green Street in the early 1900s and owned a sweet shop up the road from the ground.

Today David is heavily involved with Football as an administrator, referee and sponsor. He was Chairman of the ESFA Judiciary Committee 2005 - 08 and serves in a similar capacity with Football NSW in the professional game. During this time he wrote over 300 judgements and these will be published in coming months.

In 2009 he was asked to asked to assume the position of Chair of the Referee Standing Committee of the newly formed ESFA Referees Branch, modernise its operations and rebuild its membership. By 2008 available referee numbers had shrunk dramatically and game coverage was under 40%.

This Branch has in one year trained and appointed 215 referees to its panel after starting with 5 in January 2009! Over half of the 215 are seniors whilst the kids are flocking back to refereeing.

David continues to referee in Sydney Australia and during 2008 also officiated in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and London UK.

David serves on the board of several charities.